3 Bridges Marathon

The 3B26 PRE-Run is a running of the entire 3 Bridges Marathon course and will also have a half marathon and 10K course measured.  Runners are welcome to come for any distance they wish.

The run will start from Two Rivers Bridge in Little Rock at 7 a.m. on November 9, 2014, at the starting line of the 3 Bridges Marathon. This run began in June 2013 as a PRE-certification course PRE-View for the inaugural 3 Bridges Marathon and has become a tradition in its own right, with a Spring and Fall running paying homage to the greatest middle distance runner in American history.  What could Pre have done in the marathon?

  • Start at Two Rivers Bridge in Little Rock, Arkansas, at 7 a.m. at the starting line of the 3 Bridges Marathon.
  • Sign up is day-of only but email info@3bridgesmarathon.com with the heading PRE to assist us with an estimate to expect. Standard sign in/waiver required, so we will know you’re out there.  Keep your own time, sign back in, and record it. Results will be posted and bragging rights bestowed.
  • Bring a pair of gently worn running shoes to donate.
  • Limited course aid. There are numerous fountains and restrooms.  There might be additional drinks and snacks on the course.  Plan to be self-sufficient.
  • Running the full PRE course meets Marathon Maniacs criteria.
  • The PRE course crosses back over the starting line at 19 miles and is the perfect training run for the real thing or for any Fall marathon.
  • No frills, no shirts, no medals, no awards – just running, fellowship, and a chance to RUN 3B26 with us.
Website photos courtesy of www.runbikeswimphotos.com.

Please email info@3bridgesmarathon.com with questions or comments.